Wall Paintings

Fascinating traces and clues can be found of the alterations that have been made to the church over the centuries, but the features that attract most interest are the medieval wall paintings.

The earliest of these is thought to date from 1460 and depicts a warning to Sabbath breakers illustrated by the tools of various trades of the period in the centre of which is the figure of Christ. They were a warning to those who worked on days when they should be at mass that they were re-crucifying Christ by their actions.

See:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunday_Christ

The Llangybi painting is on the North wall of the chancel.


Christ of the Trades

Sketch of Christ of the trades-w

Sketch of Christ of the Trades








On the north wall of the nave another painting shows St Michael and the Virgin Mary with the scales of justice and mercy between them. This was partly obscured by a later mural of an open book showing the Ten Commandments.


On the South wall a matching mural shows the Apostles Creed. These two latter were thought to have been added in the 17th century. These paintings were cleaned and conserved during the 1980s.