The roof is finished.

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Feb 032018

Although very dirty, our church was beginning to emerge from the years under scaffolding.

The next job would be the big clean up. An appeal had been sent out to members of the 200 club for volunteers to come and get filthy. The response was magnificent and three days of cleaning were arranged,  after which the church looked truly beautiful.  This was all 4 days before the Carol Service.

At the end of the first day of cleaning, water appeared creeping across the floor. We thought somebody had tipped the urn, but the next day having mopped it up, the water had returned!  Worse still: it was coming from under the very large Jacobean pulpit! How on earth were we going to get under there to find out what was wrong? We did, of course, eventually.  Very luckily for us, our local heating engineer came to the rescue and made an excellent repair in time for the carol service! A magnificent community effort all round!


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Cornice failure

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Feb 032018

The top of the cornice with the scaffolding in place. It looks very fragile, but is judged to be okay. Once the scaffolding was moved though it was clear that a 6 metre length had come away from the wall.


The scaffolding was adjusted to allow access to the cornice for repair.


The old wood inside the cornice moulding was rotten and could no longer support it.



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