Monthly Archives: October 2017

Medieval decorations found.

On the Chancel arch signs of very early layers of Medieval decoration have
been found.  For now these will be left as they are.  The hope is that in the
future funds will be raised to reveal these, but first there will be further
repair work to the interior of the church, as a separate project.  This will
be a new project which we hope will secure this lovely church for future

Re-pointing the south wall

Scaffolding has now been set up along the south wall for the de-pointing and
re-pointing of the weathered stonework. Great care has had to be taken to
match the lime mortar to the ancient stonework.

Lime washing the ceiling

Our team of just two very hard working painters have put many coats of lime
on the ceiling. Between each coat drying time has to be allowed and
gradually the ceiling turns from grey to a lovely milky white.
Very soon the scaffolding will be removed and then our task will be to clean
the church ready for the congregation to return.