200 Club

The 200 Club was set up in 2012. While not everyone in the community is a regular church goer, many have a great interest in our Medieval Church of St Cybi and wish to support it’s upkeep so that it will here for future generations.

The intention of the club was to provide an opportunity to support the upkeep of the church to whatever extent each member could. At the same time it would provide a certain amount of fun, and informal gatherings in the Village Hall when the draws are made.

Half the proceeds of the club are given in prizes for each month. Half is retained for the use of the Parochial Church Counci for any project they wish in the community. Now at the end of its third year, the club has been very well supported.

Shares are sold at £12 each and any number can be bought. Each share entitles the holder to entry into one draw each month. The current number of shares is a little under three hundred.